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  • Step by Step, Becoming a 21st Century School System -- Download and print the PowerPoint Handout from Bob's January 2010 FETC Featured Speaker presentation in Orlando, FL. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • Designing Schools for the 21st Century -- Download and print the PowerPoint Handout from Bob's January 26th Keynote at the United School Administrators of Kansas Conference. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - about 500K file)

  • WSSDA Notes -- Download the notes from the facilitated discussion around the impact on schools of Thomas Friedman’s book “The World Is Flat” (Requires Acrobat Reader - 40K file)

  • Ray Kurzweil speech -- Download or play the 60 minute audio recording Bob made of Ray Kurzweil, (author and futurist) at the National School Board’s T+L 2006 Conference in Dallas, TX - November 11, 2006. This is a 56 Mb WAV Audio file - you can click and play the file directly, or right click and select “Save Link as” to save it to your disk and iPod. NOTE: 56 Mb will take several minutes to download.

  • Technology Assessment Rubric --Download the Technology Assessment Rubric referred to in some of Bob's presentations. (164K WORD Document)

    Welcome to the Educational Technology Exchange! You've heard all the hype about the information superhighway. Now you have a chance to understand it, and a number of other trends along the way…

    Comments Sent to Mr Hughes:

    • Your message helped us think and focus on what our "preferred future" should be...
        Dr. Don Brannam - Supt. Anacortes School District – Anacotes, WA

    • You gave such an outstanding presentation. Your knowledge and expertise combined with the abilty to predict trends made it especially valuable to our group. In the debrief comments, many committee members remarked on how applicable it was to the beginnng of our work. You "set the stage" very well.
        Nancy Hawkins - CTS Spcdialist - Federal Way School District – Federal Way, WA

    • Your presentation provided the participants a vision of where technology in education was going. Judging by the comments I heard and the evaluations, you helped open them up to new ways of thinking.
        Holly Jobe - IMS Director - Montgomery County IU - Norristown, PA

    Designing Schools for the 21st Century

    Specially designed for executive educators, Mr. Hughes speaks nationally to both large and small audiences on K-12 education issues. "Designing Schools for the 21st Century " deals with a virtual Renaissance which is occurring in specific sectors of society (and some schools). Participants will tell you it may be the most thought provoking and motivating presentation you will see all year. You can expect an interesting and entertaining overview of future trends most affecting the home and your local school, with specific actions required of executive educators who want to stay current and allow students to be reacy for the “Flat World” that awaits them.

    Topics discussed include:

    • Thomas Friedman’s book “The World Is Flat” and its impact on schools,
    • new skill requirements expected of teachers, students and administrators,
    • the changing ways technology is being applied in classrooms across the country,
    • NCLB's impact on our culture and its unintended consequences,
    • predictions of new products and services just beyond the horizon,
    • how State assessment standards are replacing student enrichment,
    • growth of "telework" and how it will affect classroom design,
    • growth of home schooling, privatization, charters and vouchers,
    • the impact a globalize economy is having on school design,
    • economic trends which are forcing schools to redefine their future.

    This presentation typically runs 1 hour (or fit time available) and is designed for large or small audiences.

    New School Designs That Work

    Targeted specifically at superintendents, principals, school board members and community leaders, this workshop provides a highly interactive discussion of schools which have implemented innovative curriculum design. Current with the times, every presentation includes the relevant information on issues facing our nation's schools. Hear how your peers across the country are solving the same problems you struggle with daily... what works and what doesn't. This is a workshop you can't afford to miss.

    Sample of discussion topics include:


    • Video footage of schools that have successfully change curriculum,
    • A list of sites to visit and things to read as you re-invent schools,
    • What the new design in schools will offer students of the future,
    • Actions required to enlist community support as you re=invent schools,
    • The consequence of Charters, Cyber, Privatization, and home schooling if you don’t act now.

    This presentation can run 1 to 2 hours

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